Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Smell of Diesel...

There's something to be said about a strong heroine and her strong male counterpart. There's also something to be said about a book that practically writes itself. For the last month, since the conclusion of my daughter's wedding, which had taken up all my free time for the last six months, I've been writing non-stop. From the time I get out of bed until I get back in it. In all my years of writing both professionally and then later, as a hobby (I still don't consider myself an actual author), I've never felt the drive or the need to bang out a story the way I have with this latest.
The idea for Diesel, both the title of the book as well as the main character, came to me earlier this year after meeting a particular woman named Liesel. Something about that name called to me and I began to think; what if she were rough around the edges, street savvy and capable of surviving on her own but also, refined and intelligent? What if she worked in a blue-collar predominately male field but there was this wealth of knowledge outside of that realm? What if you threw her into a relationship with a man who was living the exact life she was, but in reverse? A Harvard educated attorney with a privileged life and a secret bad boy streak? Before i knew it, I had the first three chapters written on the memo app of my phone.
I wish that I could accurately describe the colorful characters in this book without giving too much away, but I can't. I am so excited for the edits to wrap up on this book because it's killing me not to share it. I've loved each and every book I've written as well as the characters they contained- some more than others, but I fell in love hardcore with the entire crew of Diesel.
To write successfully, I believe you need to become immersed in the lives of the characters you create. You need to feel them, emote with them and identify with them in some form or fashion as well as make sure each one has its own identity and I won't lie, that's something I've struggled with in the past. For this project though, it was as if they were begging to be brought to life; to be born in the creative context in which they developed their own personalities and habits that really had little to do with writing ability on my part. They just suddenly were. There was no forcing them to become.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Diesel will be released early 2017 but you can be sure I'll keep you posted the minute it happens.

Until then, here's my author page on facebook, if you want to give it a follow, or you can find me on twitter @LucyMagilicutt2.

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