Sunday, December 4, 2016

Texan and a new project...

I was finally able to sit down and finish the edits for Texan a few weeks ago. It's been a crazy, but amazingly wonderful year, so it was only fitting that this book wrapped up towards the end of 2016. It published just a few days before Thanksgiving and I was thankful. Thankful that after 20 years, Morgan and Joe's story finally saw the light of day and thankful that I didn't have to look it at anymore.
As good as you may think something you create is (and I think Texan is a great story); you still get sick of seeing it after so many drafts and I was wholly sick of that book. Whether I was sick of it or not though, I was elated and overjoyed with the way it turned out.
There's some books that just seem to write themselves. Texan wasn't one of them. Maybe the first draft back in 1996 flowed easily, but after picking it up again, nearly five years ago, I gotta say, it was slow going. I dedicated it to my daughter and if you read my blogs, you know why.
Kids, man.... (Insert facepalm here)
While Texan was a harder book for me to write, even if I did love the characters and their story- the new project I'm working on is literally pouring out effortlessly. I'm excited about it. More excited than I was for either Bimini book; even to the point that I'm dreaming about this new project- literally.
Writing can sometimes be a bi-polar experience. You get all these thoughts and feelings in your head/heart and you know they're not yours. They belong to the characters you're creating. But, if you're creating the character, doesn't that in some way mean that they're actually YOUR feelings and YOUR thoughts? Maybe writing allows the writer an opportunity to explore those subconscious articles of emotion and emote them in the form of fiction which allows us to deny ownership? I don't know. I just know that these new individuals are coming to life on paper in a way I've never experienced before. It's more personal, somehow. Darker. Grittier. And unlike anything I've ever written or thought I would write.
The momentum to which this project is progressing has me a little surprised. I'm a pretty big procrastinator when it comes to writing because I abhor editing so much. I also hate sitting still. If we're friends on facebook, likely you've seen my mother type-yelling at  me to get a book finished. I've got about a ten page production average under normal circumstances and I'd have told you a few weeks ago that was on a good day. Lately though, because this story has taken on its own life, it's more thirty to forty pages daily, causing me to go without showering, washing dishes, and to ignore texts for fear of distraction or losing the train of thought I'm riding. Yeah, I'm breaking all kinds of personal records over here... Is there a record for how many days one can stay in the same pair of pajama pants? (I'm only sorta kidding when I ask this question.)
With Texan or either Bimini books, it was more of an, "Oh, I wrote two pages... I guess I'll go get a shower and fix my hair..." Which led to doing laundry, playing with dogs, catching up on Netfix, mopping floors and just about any damn thing else except parking my ass in front of my computer.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this new productive streak I've found keeps up. If it does, perhaps I'll be able to release this before the end of 2017. At any rate, wish me luck.
Peace out, my pretties.

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