Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dolph Lundren in a field...

So, I have this friend.... And while everyone in my circle is pretty damned talented in their own right, again, I say... I have this friend.
We'll just call him Viktor.
In the 40 (almost 41) years I've been alive, I've known some colorful characters, but Viktor wins the award for the MOST colorful and the MOST creative person I've ever known.
Some would say there's not much difference in being a storyteller or a writer. I disagree. Most of us writers need a blank screen and a keyboard to get our thoughts out. We think better with our fingers. A storyteller doesn't need any of that. The talent of verbal storytelling is a dying art and even more dying is the ability to create these stories on the fly, inventing complex characters and backgrounds. Viktor doesn't "re-tell" a story. He comes up with his own tales off the cuff and once he's on a roll, there's little to no stopping him.
I keep telling him to write them down, but he doesn't.
Last April, Viktor came and stayed at my house for a week. We had a fantastic time exploring North Georgia, visiting the Guidestones and various other places. It's one of those friendships where there's just an ease and an understanding, as well as a mutual love of coffee. So, every morning during his stay, as I stumbled from my bedroom, I'd find Viktor sitting at my bar, coffee already made. I'd pour myself a cup and he'd open his mouth to speak. Before I even knew it, it was noon and in my estimation, he'd verbally written about 300 pages of the most fantastic story I'd ever heard, complete with voices for each character. Sometimes, he'd be well into Volume 2 of the same story before I'd realize the time.
But... Just for me, Viktor always includes one main character; Dolph Lundren. Some of you might remember him. He played Ivan Drago in Rocky IV (one of my all time favorite movies). He was also He-Man in the live action movie. I've had a thing for Dolph since I was around 10, I guess. I mean, come on.... Ivan Drago was pretty damn hot and while I wanted Rocky to win because you know, it was Rocky... There was a part of me that was just waking up to the fact that I liked boys and that newly formed pre-pubescent part of my brain really, really liked Dolph. A lot. I liked Dolph so much and watched Rocky IV so many times, I could sing the Russian National Anthem. Yeah.... true story.
I've only shared this with a handful of people, until just now. But Viktor knows and so, Dolph always factors into whatever story he creates, complete with the Russian accent, which Viktor does beautifully.  He always places Dolph in the same position though... working... shirtless... in the field of a commune during the fall of civilization. The sun glints off his sweaty pectorals as he runs a hand through his damp, blonde hair. Suddenly, our eyes meet across said field. Dolph stops working, strides up to me and announces that he's been looking for me all his life.
I really should record Viktor when he starts storytelling. It's amazing. 
I haven't blogged since May. Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn't, but if you look at the last entry, Viktor commented. I was surprised to know he read my blogs so when he commented on one of them and I inquired about his reading them; he said and I quote "I'm not reading your stupid romance novels... but I do like hearing about your everyday life..."
His comment on the blog however, was that I should write about Dolph... so here you go, Viktor. But I couldn't write about Dolph, without including him because he really is a gigantic part of my life and when I don't feel like writing, I get a text from Viktor that says, "You have stuff in your soul that you need to get out. Write, sister."
I'd like to thank Viktor for being an inspiration to me. He doesn't know that he is, but his stories and his knowledge of me does inspire me a lot. I'm not so good at always saying what's in my heart or on my mind, but somehow, he always knows. Even from almost a thousand miles away.
And thanks also to Dolph. I still think you're hot.


  1. Love this! You two are so fun to be around... But Dolph, really? ;)